conference programme

Thursday 11 October 2012

Each presentation of approximately 20 minutes will be followed by either a discussion, an high level interview, a panel or some other interactive format. All under the guidance of Nisha Pillai. To reset our minds Codarts - university for professional arts education in music, dance and circus arts- will surprise us with short artistic intermezzo’s.


08:20-9.20 Reception and registration

09.30 Welcome and opening by facilitator Nisha Pillai and Henry Meijdam (Chair Rli)
09.40 Presentation book Keep moving by Miranda Schreurs (Chair EEAC) and handing over to European Commissioner Janez Potocnik

09:50 Opening address by Janez Potocnik (SL)

10:00 Keep moving towards sustainable mobility -What does it mean?, Phil Goodwin (UK)

10:30 Intermezzo

10:40 Current mobility trends: Implications for sustainability, Todd Litman (CA)

11:10 Coffee break / knowledge fair

11:40 Wishful thinking in transport policy, Arie  Bleijenberg (NL)

12:00 Henry Meijdam hands over the Rli commissioned study on sustainable mobility policies in the different EU member states Opportunities for national policies to reduce GHG emissions in transport to Siebe Riedstra, Secretary-General, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (NL)

12:05 Intermezzo

12:15 Modalities and technical advancement, Joan Ogden (US)

12:45 Lunch / knowledge fair

14:15 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) unleashed, Peter Sweatman (US)

14:45 A behavioral perspective on voluntary reduction of private car use, Tommy Gärling (SE)

15:10 Coffee break / knowledge fair

15:40 Shifting governance, beyond classical mobility policies and urban planning, Maarten Hajer (NL)

16:15 Intermezzo

16:25 Business as unusual?!, Miranda Schreurs (DE)

16:55 Column by Bas Haring (NL)

17:10 Closing address by Miranda Scheurs

17:25 Drinks