EEAC / RLI conference - Hosts

An introduction to EEAC

EEAC stands for the European Environmental and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils. Advisory councils for the environment and sustainable development have been established in most European countries to provide independent and evidence-based advice to their national governments. Most of the councils are members of the EEAC network.

The fundamental principle underlying the EEAC network is the common understanding that present trends in production, consumption, trade and economic development are rooted in the unsustainable use of natural resources.The global challenge confronting humankind is to move to a new and more sustainable concept of development. This new developmental concept will acknowledge economic needs and social aspirations, but will also respect the constraints imposed by the requirement to protect the critical and unique values of the natural environment.

The network started in 1993. Today it has 21 councils from 16 European countries. About 400 key figures from universities, civil society organisations, interest organisations and the private sector participate in the network in their capacity as council members. EEAC members collaborate in working groups on specific issues. The chair of the EEAC steering committee and board is Prof Miranda Schreurs, Council Member of the SRU (Germany).

An introduction to Rli

The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) advise the Dutch government and parliament on strategic issues related to the sustainable development of the overall living and working environment and infrastructure. The Rli Council is independent and provides advice on request and at its own initiative on medium and long-term issues of strategic importance to the Netherlands. More specifically, the Council advises on housing, spatial planning, the environment, water management, climate policy, nature, agriculture, food (and food safety), traffic and transport (including public transport), and spatio-economic development. Through its advice, the Council contributes to a broadening and deepening of the political and public debate, and to a higher quality of decision-making. The Council is supported by the RLI secretariat headed by Ron Hillebrand.

Rli, Postbus 90653, 2509 LR The Hague, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 70 456 2070, E-mail: