Invitation Conference Connecting the Dots – Acceleration, breakthroughs and co-creation in food, mobility and buildings, 30 January 2015

Registration open Conference Connecting the Dots, 30 janauary 2015, Media Plaza, Utrecht.

Drones, 4D printing, DNA sequencing, labs-on-a-chip, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of possible disruptive innovations in food, mobility and buildings. They will inevitably interact, solving problems, creating new dynamics, and challenging society and governments. That is why the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) has conducted a survey examining the impact of technological innovations on the public and private domain. Rli will present and discuss the survey results at the ‘Connecting the Dots’ conference.

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Rli invites you to shift horizons in time and thinking, by inspiring you through debate and short state-of-the-art lectures. If you want to discuss the impact of interacting innovations on our living environment while being challenged to think cross-sectorally, we invite you to register now! Tomorrow's technologies will shift your values, challenge your business model, and change your role as a consumer. We challenge you to think critically and ask yourself: will I be able to adapt?

Programme and speakers

The conference offers you access to eminent thinkers and innovators. The invited keynote speakers are Prof. Carlota Perez (London School of Economics), Prof. Kent Larson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr André Kuipers (European Space Agency), Prof. Jaap Seidell (VU University Amsterdam), and Bryant Walker Smith (Stanford Law School). The conference will be chaired by Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek (University of Twente).

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