Advisory councils sent a joint letter to EU co-legislators to share views on added value of European Climate Change Council

In the context of the ongoing negotiations on the EU climate law, governmental and parliamentarian advisory councils have been following the debate on the establishment of a Climate Change Council at the European level. Following these negotiations, the advisory councils sent a letter (March 9, 2021) to the European Council, The Portuguese Minister on the Environment, The European Commission’s EVP Timmermans, and members of Parliament to share their views on the added value that advisory councils have, and how this added value would also apply to a potential European Climate Change Council.

The Rli signed this letter among 12 other councils.

Read the joint letter Added value of a European Climate Change Council to the European Council, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the European Parliament

For more information please contact Folmer de Haan, Chair of the Climate and Energy Working group in The European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils Network and staff member of the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) +31 (0)6 4615 2496.